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The National Council of Clubs, an organization dedicated to protecting the political and legal interests of hundreds of motorcycle clubs and thousands of their members nationwide.

The goal of the Council of Clubs is to unify all Confederations and Coalitions together in order to deliver a unified and responsible message to the media and the outside world in response to political and legal issues that impact the motorcycle club community.

The Council of Clubs is completely independent, from NCOM. There are many confederations and coalitions that do not participate in NCOM and many that do. The Council of Clubs is not a replacement for NCOM. Rather, the Council provides a mechanism to unite all confederations and coalitions coast-to-coast. COC’s that participate in NCOM can also participate in the Council of Clubs, they are not mutually exclusive.

The National Council of Clubs is the largest unifying movement in the history of motorcycle clubs. We represent the voice of thousands of motorcycle clubs across America. These clubs are comprised of riders from all walks of life. The movement consists of Christian clubs, Military Veterans clubs, Clean and Sober clubs, Women only clubs, Child Abuse Assistance Clubs, 1% clubs, riding clubs and many others, reflective of the rich culture and history of our country and the multitude of personal interests available to us all. We are dedicated to defending the political, legislative and legal interests of millions of motorcycle riders across America and of all of our clubs and club members.