Idaho Passes Anti-Motorcycle Profiling Law

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Idaho Passes Anti-Motorcycle Profiling Law

In the midst of the global corona virus pandemic there is not much “good news”. But for
motorcyclists in Idaho there is a sliver of positivity in a sea of crisis. On March 18th, 2020 the
state of Idaho became the 4th state to pass a law addressing the issue of motorcycle profiling.
Awaiting the governor’s signature, S 1292, sponsored by Representative Robert Anderst,
passed the Idaho House of Representatives on a 37-30 vote after previously passing the
Senate 25-9.

S 1292 defines the term “motorcycle profiling” and prohibits the practice. And like the 3 states
that have previously addressed the issue- Washington State (2011), Maryland (2016) and
Louisiana (2019)- S1292 doesn’t allow monetary claims against law enforcement. The Federal
Civil Rights Act remains the mechanism of monetary relief for victims of profiling. Rather, state
anti-motorcycle profiling legislation provides a mechanism for targeted individuals to receive
dismissals and exclusion of evidence based on an illegal stop, in addition to enhanced law
enforcement training intended to curtail the discriminatory practice.

The law in Idaho is the direct result of a 5-year long grassroots effort led by Idaho ABATE.
Idaho ABATE is a quintessential example of the democratic process at work. With persistence
and preparation, legislative opposition can be reversed. Legislators deal with hundreds/
thousands of pieces of legislation annually. Idaho ABATE did not allow previous failures since
2017 to discourage the legislative effort. Instead of giving up, Idaho ABATE persisted and was
eventually successful educating and gaining the support of legislators that previously opposed
the idea.

The Motorcycle Profiling Project congratulates Idaho ABATE, Representative Anderst, and
those that supported the effort- you know who you are! Working with you was a pleasure!

Stay healthy. Stay safe. And Fight The Good Fight!

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