Outsiders MC Tacoma Aaron Targeted by Law Enforcement

Outsiders MC Tacoma Aaron Targeted by Law Enforcement

The Motorcycle Profiling Project believes that Aaron Martinez, a member of the Outsiders Motorcycle Club and the Washington State Council of Clubs, is the victim of a malicious prosecution. Aaron is being accused of recently brandishing a firearm while traveling on Interstate 5. The accusation is baseless. In fact, Aaron has taken a polygraph and the results were conclusive- the accusation is 100% false.

Despite Aaron’s innocence, the prosecutor is moving forward with charges. Aaron’s first court appearance is during the first week of January.

Aaron has been a longtime participant in the movement to end motorcycle profiling, having himself been the victim of profiling over a dozen times before the law addressing motorcycle profiling was passed in Washington State. And although the law has certainly reduced incidents of profiling, it has not eliminated it. The MPP believes Aaron deserves the community’s support.

If you are able to help with Aaron’s legal expenses please follow the link and gift him directly through his PayPal account as a friend.

Aaron is an honorable man. Aaron assures the MPP that any funds not used for his legal defense will be gifted back to someone else in the community facing legal challenges. Thank you in advance.